Group NewJeans captivated the hearts of fans worldwide with their high-quality performances and unique stage productions.

NewJeans, consisting of members Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, and Hyein, held their first fan meeting, 'Bunnies Camp,' at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul, on the 1st and 2nd of the month.

New Jeans-ETA
New Jeans-ETA

Prior to the fan meeting, NewJeans demonstrated their ticket power by selling out the second round of fan meeting tickets at lightning speed. With anticipation building up for their comeback, NewJeans delivered numerous mega-hit song performances and engaging stories, leaving both online and offline audiences highly satisfied. They especially created a frenzy by unveiling their new song on stage. Even after the fan meeting ended, hashtags such as '#NewJeans' and '#BunniesCamp' trended on Twitter, indicating the continued excitement among fans.

The fan meeting followed a camp concept, progressing through a timeline that included enrollment, recreation, campfire, and closing ceremony. NewJeans, dressed in Girl Scouts uniforms, appeared in a camp with a natural ambiance and greeted the fans, saying, "We came here to create everlasting friendship and unforgettable memories with our Bunnies." When they performed their debut song, "Attention," during the enrollment celebration stage, fans greeted them with loud cheers and applause.

During the recreation time, NewJeans engaged with the fans through various interactive content. They played games such as treasure hunting, "Bingkeybong (Cheering Stick) Up & Down," "Find the Wrong Picture," "Picture Quiz," and "Express with Your Body," bringing them closer to their fans. 

After successfully completing all the games, NewJeans gifted snacks to the fans and continued the sweet moments with a performance of their debut song, "Cookie." NewJeans prepared a dance battle in the board game corner. Dressed in sporty outfits, the members showed off powerful and charismatic dance moves. During the "Hype boy" stage, when NewJeans asked the audience, "How can we go to Bunnies Camp?" the fans replied in unison, "By NewJeans's Hype Boy!" which further heightened the atmosphere.

New Jeans-ETA
New Jeans-ETA

As the campfire time approached, NewJeans changed the mood with a live performance of "Hurt (250 Remix)" in front of a bonfire on stage. They had a moment of reading messages on rolling papers received in advance from the fans. Touched and comforted by the heartfelt messages, the members reciprocated with solo song stages. 

The cover song performances by Minji ("Wi Ing Wi Ing" - original by Hyukoh), Hani ("Like Yesterday" - original by Jay), Daniel ("Paris In The Rain" - original by Lauv), Haerin ("Walking Down Memory Lane" - original by Nell), and Hyein ("Youth" - original by Woo Hyo) received a great response from fans, showcasing the members' new sides that fans had not seen before. They then concluded the camp with an acoustic version and choreography of the 1998 version of their song "Ditto."

NewJeans returned for an encore stage with "OMG" and expressed their nervousness, saying, "This is our real final gift. It's the first time we're sharing this with Bunnies, so we're excited." They then unveiled their new song, "ETA," for the first time. "ETA" is one of the triple title tracks from NewJeans' second mini-album, "Get Up," set to be released on the 21st. With its addictive fast beat, unique lyrics, and energetic choreography, the song already hinted at becoming a hit.

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