BTS member J-Hope shared his feelings about his upcoming military enlistment.

On April 15th, YG Entertainment released a cover video of Chitika's performance of "traitor" on their official blog, showcasing the exceptional vocal talent of their new girl group BabyMonster. 

The video maximizes the charm of Chitika's solo mission stage on the debut reality show "Last Evaluation" EP.6. Chitika captivates with her pure and soft tone, skillfully controlling the dynamics as the sound intensifies. 

In the highlight section, she delivers explosive energy with clean high notes. Her vocal technique and rich emotional expression shine through, and she even adds her own interpretation to the lyrics of the original song.

Despite being only 13 years old, Chitika's deep emotional expression left a profound impression, and many are acknowledging her limitless potential for growth.

BabyMonster is YG's new girl group, the first after Blackpink in seven years. The final lineup consists of three Korean members (Ahin, Haram, Lora), two Thai members (Parita, Chitika), and two Japanese members (Ruka, Asa), all selected through the debut reality show "Last Evaluation."

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