Recently, many foreign tourists visiting Korea want to watch Korean professional baseball games.

This is because of Korea's unique professional baseball cheering culture, which is different from the U.S. and Japan, and what attracted foreign tourists?

The unique aspects of the cheering culture in Korean professional baseball can be described in English as follows:

Korean professional baseball has a distinctive cheering culture that sets it apart from other leagues around the world. Fans are highly engaged and actively participate in cheering for their favorite teams. Some of the notable features of this culture include:

Cheerleaders: Unlike in other countries, Korean baseball games feature cheerleaders who lead the crowd in chants, dances, and other activities to energize the fans.

Thundersticks: Fans use plastic sticks, called "thundersticks," to create a loud, rhythmic noise that can be heard throughout the stadium. This adds to the excitement of the game and creates a unique atmosphere.

Creative Chants: Fans often come up with creative and catchy chants to show support for their team. These chants can be humorous or inspirational, and they are usually sung in unison to create a powerful effect.

Snacks and Drinks: Korean baseball games are known for their wide variety of snacks and drinks. Fans can enjoy everything from traditional Korean snacks to international fast food, and beer is readily available throughout the stadium.

Overall, the cheering culture in Korean professional baseball is a key part of the game-day experience and adds to the excitement and energy of the sport.

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