Le Sserafim has released the third set of concept photos for their upcoming album. 

On April 14th at midnight, the group posted group, unit, and individual photos for the "Dusty Amber" version of their first full-length album "UNFORGIVEN" on their official social media accounts and through their label, SOULMUSIC.

In the photos, Le Sserafim exudes the charm of a Western movie protagonist by wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and a scarf. The concept photos also feature a large white horse, which is an unusual sight in K-pop group photos. 

Along with the "Dusty Amber" version, the group has also released concept photos for the "Bloody Rose" and "Dewy Sage" versions. Each set of photos expresses the album's message of "pioneering Le Sserafim's own path regardless of others' opinions" in its own unique way.

Le Sserafim's first full-length album "UNFORGIVEN" is set to be released on May 1st, one year after their debut. 

The album has already surpassed 1.03 million pre-orders within seven days, hinting at the possibility of another million-seller album for the group. Le Sserafim's mini-album "ANTIFRAGILE," released in October last year, was their first million-seller album.

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