" Guardian - The Lonely and Great God " (Goblin) is a popular Korean drama series that aired from December 2016 to January 2017. The drama tells the story of a 939-year-old goblin, Kim Shin, who is cursed to live forever and endure the pain of seeing his loved ones die. To end his immortality, Kim Shin must find a human bride who can pull out the sword that has been embedded in his chest for centuries.

The drama also follows the story of a high school student, Ji Eun-tak, who has the ability to see ghosts and can summon Kim Shin by blowing out a candle. Ji Eun-tak becomes Kim Shin's bride and the two fall in love as they try to break the curse and find a way for Kim Shin to finally rest in peace.

Alongside their love story, the drama also explores themes of life, death, friendship, and betrayal. The drama received critical acclaim for its unique plot, beautiful cinematography, and strong performances from its cast, including Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, and Lee Dong-wook.

Here are the character descriptions for the main cast of " Guardian - The Lonely and Great God 

Kim Shin - A 939-year-old goblin who was once a great warrior. He is cursed to live forever and is in search of a human bride who can end his immortality. Despite his tough exterior, Kim Shin has a kind heart and is willing to sacrifice himself for his loved ones.

Ji Eun-tak - A high school student who has the ability to see ghosts. She becomes Kim Shin's bride and the two fall in love. Ji Eun-tak is cheerful and optimistic, but also has a tragic past that she must confront.

Grim Reaper - A supernatural being who is in charge of guiding souls to the afterlife. He has no memories of his past life and has a dry sense of humor. Grim Reaper becomes involved with Sunny, the owner of a chicken restaurant.

Sunny - The owner of a chicken restaurant and Ji Eun-tak's boss. She is initially skeptical of the supernatural, but becomes entangled in the world of Kim Shin and Grim Reaper.

Yoo Deok-hwa - Kim Shin's nephew and a wealthy businessman. He is initially selfish and arrogant, but develops a close relationship with Kim Shin and becomes a loyal friend.

The drama also features several supporting characters, including Kim Shin's loyal servant, a deity who oversees the balance of life and death, and various ghosts and spirits.

Kim Eun-sook is a highly acclaimed South Korean screenwriter known for her work in television dramas. She was born on July 7, 1973 in South Korea and began her career as a writer in the late 1990s. She has since become one of the most successful and influential writers in the Korean entertainment industry.

Kim Eun-sook is best known for writing hit dramas such as "Lovers in Paris", "Secret Garden", "The Heirs", "Descendants of the Sun", and " Guardian - The Lonely and Great God ". Her dramas are often characterized by their romantic and fantasy elements, as well as their use of witty dialogue and memorable characters.

Kim Eun-sook's work has been widely praised for its ability to capture the hearts of viewers and create cultural phenomena. She has won numerous awards for her writing, including the Excellence Award at the 2016 Korea Drama Awards and the Grand Prize at the 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards.

Overall, Kim Eun-sook's contributions to Korean television have cemented her as one of the most important and influential screenwriters in the industry.

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