A new team song by the group BTS, which has been temporarily suspended from group activities due to military enlistment, will be released.

The production company's comprehensive media group Timos Media announced on the 14th that it will release the OST title song of the SBS animation "BASTIONS" sung by BTS.

"BASTIONS" is a 3D animation depicting the story of the new besties who appeared in the hero world, revealing the identity of the villain who is the main culprit of environmental destruction, saving the Earth, and growing into a true hero, and will premiere on the 14th of next month.

"We have incorporated the keyword of environmental pollution, which has emerged as a global topic and a villain in the 21st century, into the hero worldview in our work," TMOS Media said. "We have not only spread good influence and delivered fun and messages at the same time, but also collaborated with K-pop."

It is the first time in 11 months that BTS has released a new song as a team since "Yet To Come" in June last year. Along with BTS, Le Seraphim, Hayes, and Alexa will participate in the animated OST.

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