On April 14th, J-Hope held a live broadcast on the fan communication platform Weverse titled "Everyone!"

J-Hope candidly shared his thoughts on his impending military enlistment, saying, "A week ago, I was really feeling like 'what should I do?', but now I'm totally okay to the point where I'm like 'is this okay?' I don't know if I've become numb..." He went on to say, "Time really flies. I thought this time would come for me too. I'll do well. I'm numb to it."

As for his recent activities, J-Hope said, "I took a little over two weeks off. I was wondering what I should wrap up, but in the end, I didn't do anything. I slept well and ate well. I think I gained about 2kg while eating and sleeping during my break." He also revealed that he had cut his hair short before enlisting, saying, "I thought I needed some time to adapt, so I asked my hairstylist to cut it short."

J-Hope expressed his excitement about experiencing something new through his military enlistment, saying, "I consider experiencing something new valuable. Enlisting in the military is a new experience, and I have to learn and study well in a new society. I feel excited about that."

He urged fans not to be too disappointed, saying, "Don't be too sad. I'm going to serve as a healthy young man for the Republic of Korea. I'll be back with a 'V' pose."

J-Hope is set to enlist on April 18th at the Army's A Division training center in Gangwon Province. After completing five weeks of basic military training, he will be assigned to a unit at the end of next month. His agency, Big Hit Music, stated to Star News that "It is difficult to confirm J-Hope's enlistment date and location. We have no plans to disclose it in the future."

J-Hope is the second member of BTS to enlist in the military, following Jin.

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