BLACKPINK, who was on the stage of the largest music festival in the U.S., burst into enthusiastic shouts.

BLACKPINK, who appeared as the last performer of the large U.S. music festival "Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2023" on the 16th (Korea Standard Time), heated up the stage with a headliner.

The United States, where BLACKPINK visited again after four years, was still hot. Black Pink, who appeared in black and pink costumes, opened the door to the performance with the second pre-released song "Pink Venom." He then sang hit songs such as "Kill This Love," "How You Like That," and "Pretty Savage."

Black Pink, which has more than 80 million YouTube subscribers and has a huge global fandom, will be the first Korean singer as well as an Asian singer to stand on the stage as a headliner. The headliner stage of "Coachella," which has been known as the largest music festival in North America with more than 300,000 audiences every year since 1999, has been performed by only the top singers in North America.

BLACKPINK, who appeared as the first subheadliner of a K-pop girl group in 2019 and had a relationship with "Coachella," will become the main headliner for the first time in four years.

Rose said, "I was invited to perform at Coachella four years ago, and I stood as a headliner at the world's most beloved music festival," adding, "I think my dream has come true." Jenny also said, "I'm happy that we can come back here after four years," adding, "It's even more so that I'm coming to the main stage from Sahara (substage)."

Local audiences who filled the venue drew attention by waving pink cheering sticks symbolizing BLACKPINK and singing along with Korean songs as if they were familiar. On the other hand, there was also an audience waving a large Korean flag.

Thanks to this support, the members performed solo songs. Jenny sang the unreleased solo song "You and Me" and Ji-Soo sang the recently released "Flower" to draw positive responses. Lisa caught the eye with her pole dance performance before the "MONEY" stage, and Rosé proved her live skills in name and reality by singing solo songs "Gone" and "On the Ground."

BLACKPINK then presented a series of hit songs such as "BOOMBAYAH," "Playing With Fire," "Love Girls," "DDU-DU DDU-DU" and "Forever Young," and the atmosphere on the scene reached its peak. Even after finishing Coachella's headliner stage, the audience couldn't hide their lingering feelings.

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