YG Entertainment is different.

They are once again heralding the birth of 'monster rookies' with their talents. It already makes us look forward to the emergence of a talented group that will succeed BLACKPINK.

Expectations and interest in Baby Monster, the rookie group released by YG Entertainment seven years after BLACKPINK, are high. In terms of both talent and stardom, they are already receiving expectations from global fans as a monster rookie who will succeed BLACKPINK. Even before their debut, they have already made a name for themselves by receiving a lot of positive feedback.


Baby Monster is also making its presence felt in the final evaluations leading up to its debut. Baby Monster's debut reality show "Last Evaluation," which airs every Friday, has captured the attention of K-pop fans around the world by showing off their solid skills. The group was highly anticipated after receiving praise from YG's seniors for their skills shortly after the team was announced, and they are not disappointing in the final evaluation, making their debut highly anticipated.

More importantly, Baby Monster is a team with both star power and skill, just like BLACKPINK. BLACKPINK was recognized for their stardom based on their outstanding performance and visuals when they debuted, and they are now recognized as the best K-pop girl group. The group has grown to become a global phenomenon, becoming the first Korean artist to be selected as a headliner at Coachella, the largest music festival in the United States.


BABYMONSTER looks just like their predecessor, BLACKPINK. Through their debut reality show, the group has made it clear that they are a team built on a solid foundation.

They were praised early on by Jenny, who said, "They're so good as a whole," and all seven members are showing off their "all-around" skills. Each member has a distinct personality and skill set, from their delicate expressions and clean tones to their charming vocals and sensible rapping. The synergy of the seven members shone even brighter because of their solid skills. As their unwavering live skills were revealed, it was no wonder that expectations were raised for the emergence of talented newcomers.

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