BTS member Suga has released a noir-like teaser video.

On April 20th, Suga unveiled a teaser video for the title track "Daechwita" from his solo album "D-DAY" on his official social media account.

In the approximately 30-second teaser, Suga appears with a powerful impression and creates a mood reminiscent of a noir film, blending with some parts of the song.


Suga appears in a street in a fishing village where various signs catch the eye, with people following him. At the center of the crowd, Suga exudes an overwhelming presence. As the music starts, his figure smashing something and scenes of a sudden attack somewhere raise curiosity about the music video.

Subsequently, the word "解禁" , meaning "unrestricted" or "unbanned," appears over Suga's face as he moves forward, and the teaser ends with the lyrics "another unbanning" flowing.

The title track "Daechwita" from "D-DAY" uses traditional Korean instruments, including the haegum. Suga also utilized the haegum sound in the title track "Daechwita" from his second mixtape, "D-2."

Meanwhile, "D-DAY," the final part of the Agust D trilogy, was released worldwide at 1 p.m. on April 21st (Korean time).

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