Idol group EPEX has released a preview of their fifth EP's full-length tracks.

On April 23, EPEX (Wish, Keum Donghyun, Mu, Amin, Baekseung, Aiden, Ye Wang, and Jeff) posted an album preview video of their fifth EP 'Love's Pain Chapter 2: Growing Pain' on their official YouTube channel at midnight.


The video includes a partial release of four tracks from the album, including the title track "The Day the Fox Gets Married," as well as "My Beloved", "Goodbye, My First Love," and "Dream Ridge (SKYLINE)". Along with this, fans were mesmerized by the concept photo shoot behind the scenes.

The title track "The Day the Fox Gets Married" is an upbeat pop dance song with funky guitar sounds and refreshing brass sounds. With their clear voices, EPEX sings about a boy's first breakup, saying "Hold me closer now. Don't you let me down. Oh I want you now (Eo-eo-ah-ah). Don't compare me with that kid on a scale. You can't even compare. The sun is shining bright, my heart hurts like crazy. Trying to swallow my tears and gulp, we are breaking. Clouds gather to comfort me (We-ooh), but the fox is getting married today."

In addition to the exciting beat, the delicate and catchy piano line of "My Beloved" is impressive, and "Goodbye, My First Love" has a 90s pop sound restored. "Dream Ridge (SKYLINE)" is a mix of hip-hop and modern rock, showcasing EPEX's diverse range of musical abilities.

'Love's Pain Chapter 2: Growing Pain' is an album that portrays the growing pains of boys experiencing their first breakup. EPEX plans to express the process of growing and accepting complicated and diverse emotions in their unique way of expression.

EPEX's fifth EP 'Love's Pain Chapter 2: Growing Pain' will be released through various online music sites on April 26 at 6 p.m.

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