BTS Sugar makes a big splash on 'D-DAY' billboards.

Global idol group BTS member Suga, who has been receiving explosive love worldwide, has brought some great news before his official solo activities.

Under the name Agust D, Suga released his solo album 'D-DAY' on August 21st. Surprisingly, according to Billboard on the 24th, the title track topped the chart as the most popular new song last week, with over 49% of the votes, beating new songs by Grupo Frontera, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd, and Future.

BTS Sugar
BTS Sugar

On the same day, their agency, Big Hit Music, released a video introducing Suga's album. In the video, Suga introduced his album, saying, "I'm releasing a solo album under my other stage name, Agust D, and the title of the album is 'D-DAY.'" He continued, "It's part of a trilogy that started with 'Agust D' in 2016, 'D-2' in 2020, and 'D-DAY' in 2023. It's a three-part series that conveys the message I wanted to share. As with all the music I've made, I've been honest and sincere. I filled it with things I wanted to convey in the moment, right now. I hope many people listen to it and enjoy it."

He also mentioned that the album work for 'D-DAY' began in 2020, and the songs that couldn't be included in 'D-2' are now released as part of this album. He humorously said, "It's been three years since I released an album, and the 'D-DAY' album work began in 2020. The songs that couldn't be included in 'D-2' are coming out now. Did you enjoy 'D-2'? This one is great too," making people smile.

Meanwhile, Suga will kick off his world tour 'SUGA | Agust D-DAY TOUR' on the 26th of this month in Belmont Park, followed by performances in the United States, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Seoul.

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