The group aespa is releasing a new mini album, 'MY WORLD', on May 8th. 

This album, which is being released about 10 months after their second mini album, 'Girls', which was released in July last year, contains a total of 6 songs. Fans can experience the season 2 story of the aespa members' new adventures in the REAL WORLD through this album.

Aespa is releasing a new mini album,  MY WORLD

In particular, aespa is set to kick off their comeback with a pre-release of the track 'Welcome To MY World' on May 2nd, which is expected to receive a positive response. In addition, on April 17th, aespa released a teaser video for the album's release on their official SNS, and opened their promotion website (, which amplified fans' curiosity about the content to be released in the future.

Since their debut song 'Black Mamba', followed by 'Next Level' and 'Savage', as well as their recent first solo concert '2023 aespa 1st Concert 'SYNK : HYPER LINE'', where they embarked on a world tour, aespa has shown unparalleled music and performance, so there is great anticipation for their new album.

Meanwhile, aespa's third mini album 'MY WORLD' is available for pre-order starting today (April 17th) at various online and offline music stores.

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