Korean people are generally good at English. Especially, young people and students speak English better than Japan, China, and other Asian countries.

Therefore, it is not very inconvenient to not use Korean while traveling to Korea, but if you show Korean people using Korean, they will treat you more kindly.

Here are 20 useful Korean phrases for traveling in Korea, explained in English:

  1. 안녕하세요? (Annyeonghaseyo?) - Hello? (formal)
  2. 여보세요? (Yeoboseyo?) - Hello? (on the phone)
  3. 감사합니다. (Gamsahamnida.) - Thank you.
  4. 네 (Ne) - Yes.
  5. 아니오 (Anio) - No.
  6. 죄송합니다. (Joesonghamnida.) - I'm sorry.
  7. 이것 주세요. (Igeot juseyo.) - Please give me this.
  8. 얼마예요? (Eolmayeyo?) - How much is it?
  9. 할인해 주세요. (Haringhae juseyo.) - Please give me a discount.
  10. 이따 봐요. (Itta bayo.) - See you later.
  11. 어디에 있어요? (Eodie isseoyo?) - Where is it?
  12. 지금 몇 시예요? (Jigeum myeot siyeyo?) - What time is it now?
  13. 한국말 못 해요. (Hangukmal mot haeyo.) - I can't speak Korean.
  14. 영어로 말해 주세요. (Yeongeoro malhae juseyo.) - Please speak in English.
  15. 물 좀 주세요. (Mul jom juseyo.) - Please give me water.
  16. 매운 음식이 안 되요. (Ma-eun eumsik-i an doeyo.) - I can't eat spicy food.
  17. 카드 받아요? (Kadeu badayo?) - Do you accept cards?
  18. 이 방에 와이파이 있나요? (I bang-e wai-fai innayo?) - Is there Wi-Fi in this room?
  19. 지하철 어디에서 타요? (Jihacheol eodie-seo tayo?) - Where do I take the subway?
  20. 이 번역기 좀 빌려 주세요. (I byeon-ryeok-gi jom billyeo juseyo.) - Please lend me this translator.

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