The group TWICE held a live performance to commemorate the release of its new album "READY TO BE" in New York, USA, and celebrated a special day with fans around the world.

TWICE officially released its 12th mini-album "READY TO BE" and its title song "SET ME FREE" on the 10th (Korea Standard Time).

Shinbo newly defined "TWICE-likeness" with its unprecedented charm as a work that highlights TWICE's solid determination to break the world's gaze and prejudice and greet the real "me."

Starting with the title track "SET ME FREE," which has a simple yet grand sound and a free and confident message, it contains a total of seven songs, including the pre-released English single "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE," which made its second entry into the U.S. Billboard main chart "Hot 100," and Dahyun's solo song and title song English version.

On the morning of the 11th, he held a comeback live "TWICE 12TH MINI ALBUM [READY TO BE] COMEBACK LIVE" in New York and completed a meaningful memory.

He had time to introduce his thoughts on global promotions, including winning "Billboard Women in Music," appearing in pop-up stores in Los Angeles, famous TV talk shows and radio programs, album unboxing, behind-the-scenes talks, "SET ME FREE" dance challenge, and his fifth world tour "READY TO BE" to begin in April.

The members said, "This album is 'READY TO BE TWICE' with the meaning that 'TWICE is always confident and ready for anything.'

I will do my best, so please show me a lot of love. Also, I am excited to meet ONCE around the world through the new world tour. We're preparing various stages, so I hope you look forward to it. "ONCE, thank you always and I miss you," he said, expressing his affectionate heart.

In particular, this comeback live was held at the Empire State Building, a landmark in New York, drawing attention. To celebrate TWICE's visit and comeback, the Empire State Building changed into the group's official colors, Apprecott and Neon Magenta, and brightly colored the local night sky.

Celebrating their first comeback in 2023 with a grand event, they visited NBC's "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" studio in the U.S. on the afternoon of the 10th to unveil their new song performance for the first time in a hot roar. In the future, he will appear on NBC's "The Kelly Clarkson Show" and greet global fans once again.

The new mini-album "READY TO BE" hit its own record of 1.7 million pre-orders as of the 7th, and on March 10, it topped the Hanteo Chart album daily chart and the Circle Chart retail album daily chart, giving a green light to the birth of a new million seller.

The new music video, which features a subjective narrative, has increased the immersion of Wow Point, which provides fresh production and thrill using the music video in the music video, and is gaining popularity for three consecutive days from the afternoon of release to the 12th.

Starting in April, the fifth world tour, the same name as Shinbo, will be held. The new world tour will be held 17 times in 14 cities in Australia, Japan, and North America, starting in Seoul from April 15-16, and will announce more host areas in the future and visit ONCE around the world.

In particular, through this tour, he will hold his first Japanese stadium performance in K-pop girl group history at Osaka Janma Stadium Nagai and Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium in May, and enter Los Angeles Sofai Stadium in June and New York MetLife Stadium in July for a total of six stadium performances.

Along with the tour, which announced its largest scale, TWICE is expected to be reborn as a "World Wide Stadium Artist" and re-verify its special presence.

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