BTS Translator Hwang Seok-hee expressed his thoughts on RM's overseas interview.

Hwang Seok-hee, a translator, said on his SNS on the 14th, "I saw the original text because RM's interview was hot." Why Koreans are pushing themselves so hard," he posted an article that began.

RM's interview mentioned by translator Hwang Seok-hee is about RM's interview released by Spanish media El Pais on the 12th (local time).

Translator Hwang Seok-hee said, "It may not be 100% for that reason alone, but it will be a convincing insight," adding, "Koreans are a nation with a strong sense of improvement and competition." Of course, it is also a fact to admit that it has been driven into competition to improve. Nevertheless, I think there is a DNA that keeps going in us."

In addition, "In the article, there were many places where the answer was translated as 'ancestor' (even 'grandfathers'), but here it was used to mean 'pioneer' or 'person who went ahead' rather than an ancestor." It is difficult to mistake it for the 'grandfather' of a real nationalist expression. However, the word 'K-pop ancestor' is sometimes used, so it may be right at first glance, he said.

Hwang Seok-hee translated some of RM's interviews.

According to a translation by Hwang Seok-hee, "K-pop stars go through years of rigorous training amid the survival competition and push themselves hard even after their debut." When asked what he thought of this system, RM said, "The company doesn't like me to answer this question. Because I admit it in part of it. Some journalists will write that I said, 'What a terrible system to destroy teenagers!'

But I think such a system has a part to play in this unique industry. Many things, such as contractual terms and training methods, have improved significantly over time," he replied.

In addition, when asked, "Is K-pop's youth, worship of perfection, and excessive effort a cultural trait of Korea?" RM said, "Westerners do not understand it. Korea is a country invaded, devastated, and broken in two," he said.

RM then said, "It was a country where there was nothing just 70 years ago. "But now it is a country that the world is paying attention to," he said, adding, "It was a country that was helped by the IMF and the UN." How was this possible? How did this happen? It's because people tried like crazy to improve," he said.

RM said, "People from countries that have colonized other countries for centuries, like France and England, come and say, 'Oh my... You guys seem to be pushing yourself too hard. "Life in Korea is so stressful!" he said. "But you need them to make it." That's what makes K-pop attractive. It is clear that there are gray areas of judgment, but there are side effects to what happens too quickly and violently."

RM said, "Spotify may be sick of calling us all 'K-pop', but the effect is certain." It's a premium label. It is a label that guarantees the quality obtained by those who went before us," he said.

Meanwhile, RM drew attention by wisely answering some aggressive and somewhat absurd questions in an interview with Spanish media El Pais.

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