The first and second episodes of the Netflix original series "The Glory" ended with the release of both parts. The brutal and mean movements of the characters and their disastrous ending caused catharsis to many.

In this regard, the ending of Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon and Shin Ye-eun), who was a major villain in the play, is receiving a lot of love.

In the first episode of "The Glory" Part 1, young Yeon-jin leads the school violence against young Dong-eun (Jung Ji-so). Young Yeon-jin enters Young Dong-eun's house, holds a drinking party, and threatens with the piggy bank he collects.

Yeon-jin, who was physically violent by checking the heat of the curling iron, said to Dong-eun, "Dance while we drink." "Then I won't touch this money," he said. "Dance." He says, "There is only drinking and no singing and dancing in the drinking song and dance."

Yeonjin laughed at Dong-eun. She said, "If you don't like it, there's a way. Today, Moon Dong-eun's legs are pretty," he added, adding, "If you don't dance, you'll burn your legs, too," shining your eyes black.

The turtle's "Bingo" song flows out, followed by Dong-eun's painful scream. Dong-eun is then seen sobbing in the white snow while rubbing the burn scars on her clean legs.

Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo), who did not dance disgracefully in front of the perpetrator gang despite physical violence, appeared in front of Park Yeon-jin, who became an adult, pledging revenge without being broken.

Mun Dong-eun is not the only victim of unbroken school violence. Yoon So-hee (Lee So-yi), the main character of the body that has not been disposed of for 18 years, also confronted Park Yeon-jin.

In the episode where the truth of Yoon So-hee's death is revealed, Yeon-jin slaps Yoon So-hee, who wears the same clothes as her, and threatens her, saying, "Take it off."

But Yoon So-hee said, "I feel sorry for you, too. So I'll forgive you, because I'm a better person than you," he says straightforwardly to Yeonjin.

Angry at this, Park Yeon-jin set fire to Yoon So-hee's clothes, and So-hee eventually dies due to Yeon-jin's push. However, his death against injustice soon transforms into an element that causes Park Yeon-jin to dance disgracefully.

Park Yeon-jin, who was imprisoned for the murder of Yoon So-hee and Son Myung-oh (Kim Gun-woo). He is abandoned by his mother and continues his life in prison in lonesomely. The desperate Yeon-jin continues to be ridiculed by inmates, saying, "Pretty, what's the weather tomorrow?"

Park Yeon-jin imitates the weatherman by fixing her prison uniform with tears in her eyes. Acting as if it were incumbent weathercaster Park Yeon-jin, he skillfully recites the weather and dances "shameful dance."

In the end, Park Yeon-jin, who shed tears while becoming their eyesore, and inmates who giggle, "Why is the weather sad," decorate his bottom even more shabby.

Park Yeon-jin, the perpetrator who once demanded a shameful dance, and Park Yeon-jin, who became a victim of group bullying by paying for the crimes against the victims who did not comply. He was placed in an environment where he couldn't even think of confronting it.

Unlike the victims who were afraid of him, Yeon-jin conforms to bullying and destroys. Victim Yoon So-hee perfectly proved 'Because I'm a better person than you' with the ending.

From the first episode, Yeonjin ran toward her destruction. Netizens were enthusiastic about the clean ending, saying, "This is a real mess," "You bullied me like that, but you gave in alone," and "It's a perfect sumi correlation."

Park Yeon-jin said, "Why do people think that there are only good rights and bad luck and bad luck?" I hope he left a message to many people after losing everything and becoming "none."

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