As the weather rapidly warms, the spring is felt in the skin, and there are signs of blooming in Korea's music charts.

In Korea, various spring season songs are posted on the music chart again around the time of spring flowers every year, signaling spring, and as soon as the weather gets warmer, various spring carols are starting to reverse the trend.

The representative of Spring Carol is definitely Busker Busker's "Cherry Blossom Ending." It has been loved by the public for more than a decade since its release in 2012 to the point where it feels like spring has come when you hear "Cherry Blossom Ending." "Cherry Blossom Ending" entered the top 200 on the music chart as the cold eased last week, and its ranking jumped to the top 100 on the day when the temperature soared, signaling a "cherry blossom pension" again this year.

Roy Kim's "Spring Spring Spring" is also a mega hit song that is loved every spring. The song, released in April 2013, has also been popular for 10 years, captivating listeners with Roy Kim's soft tone and sweet lyrics.

HiPo and IU's "Not Spring Love Cherry Blossom" has also been appearing on the chart steadily in spring since it was released in 2014. IU's sweet voice and Hippo's sweet voice are said to be perfect for spring.

Unlike the usual spring season song, "Do you like spring" of 10cm, it is gaining popularity as a lyric that touches the hearts of soloists. It is a song for soloists who curse all couples who are excited because spring has come, and the warm guitar melody contrary to the lyrics captivates the ears.

Yuju and Loco's "Spring by Chance" is also one of the "lightning songs" that resonate every spring. The song, which expresses the feeling of love starting like spring, combines Yuju's voice, beautiful piano melody, and Loco's sensuous rapping to convey the feeling of spring.

"Spring Day" released by BTS in 2017 is a song that boasts long-running popularity that does not miss out on the music charts other than spring. As the title is "Spring Day," the overwhelming melody and deep sensibility that are good to listen to in spring give a lingering impression.

In addition, the duet song "Spring Love" sung by Eric Nam and Red Velvet Wendy is also a representative song that goes back every spring. This song, which contains the exciting emotions permeated between friends just as cherry blossom petals gently fall down in warm spring, gives Wendy and Eric Nam's sweet vocals excitement.

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