SHINee Key successfully hosted the Osaka concert in Japan.

"KEY CONCERT - G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) IN THE KEYLAND JAPAN" was held at Osaka Castle Hall in Japan from March 11-12.

The concert was the first solo concert in Japan in about four months following the Yokohama concert held by Key in November 2022, and again sold out for two days, attracting a total of 17,000 local audiences.

Key opened the show with a powerful "Gasoline" performance, presenting a total of 26 songs, including hits such as "BAD LOVE," "I Wanna Be," "I Don't Pretend to Be" and "Forever Yours," as well as solo albums such as "Yellow Tape," "Eighteen," "Show Me" and "This Life."

In addition, the encore section was decorated with the title song "Killer" of the second full-length repackage album released in February, as well as songs such as "Heartless" performance with dancers and "Easy" with sensuous mood.

Key also said, "I think it's a performance that I'll never forget. I hope you look forward to seeing SHINee or solo performances in the future. Thank you for laughing with me today. It was a lot of fun," he said.

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