The group Seventeen confirmed their faith in fans and each other with a fan meeting where laughter and tears coexist.

At KSPO DOME (formerly Gymnastics Stadium) in Olympic Park, Songpa-gu, Seoul, at 5 p.m. on March 12, SEVENTEEN's 7th solo fan meeting "2023 SVT 7TH FAN MEETING" (SEVENTEEN IN CARAT LAND) was held.

The performance, which will mark the finale of the three-day fan meeting, opened splendidly with the title song "Pretty U" from the first full-length album.

Seventeen, who approached the audience from the opening and greeted Carat (Seventeen fandom name), made a touching impression by unfolding a slogan designed and decorated by themselves.

Seventeen expressed their feelings about the last day of the fan meeting, starting with Jun. Dokyeom said, "As it is the last day, I will fill it with valuable and happy moments," and Woozi said, "It is the last day of Carat Land." The members are like that, too. I burn the most on the last day. I hope you have no regrets, too," he said.

Seventeen also unveiled the 7th mini-album "My My," "Let's Go Together," which created a warm atmosphere, and the performance of "Fighting" by Boo Seok-soon (Seungkwan, Dokyeom, Hoshi), who recently swept the top charts and music broadcasts at home and abroad with SEVENTEEN units.

Seventeen presented special memories to fans with colorful contents that were usually difficult to see easily. He hosted the logicless talk show "Logical Night," which was held on his own content "GOING SEVENTEEN," giving fans laughter with punch lines using the word "sparrow" to acrostic poems for "eagle."

Through the game, the members performed the performance of the song that was selected as the most inappropriate song. Starting with Zico's "Sapping" performance, which was presented by Jung-han, who lost the game, S.Coups showed off his unexpected charm with Ive's "After Like," Seungkwan showed off EXO's "The Eve," and Wonwoo showed off his "Attention" dance by New Jin's. Since then, Hoshi's "Nice to Meet You Hamtori" and Joshua's "Daechwita" by Agust D have revealed their usual appearance.

Seventeen then learned the choreography of New Jin's "Hype Boy" from CARAT on the spot and communicated with fans, and exploded their energy with Boo Seok-soon's "Without Hesitation," a song they received from fans on the spot.

Following the VCR video of "GOING RANGER" featuring the members' talks and comical acting, the unit reverse, the signature stage of SEVENTEEN's performance, also gave fans fresh fun.

With hip-hop, vocal, and performance teams each singing each other's unit songs, the performance team unveiled its charismatic appearance with the hip-hop team's unit song "Back It Up," and the hip-hop team gave a calm impression with the vocal team's "I'm Happy Every Day." The vocal team performed a lovely performance with the performance team's 'PANG!' (Bang!).

Following "Don Quixote," handwritten letters and videos from the members' parents were released on the "Round and Round" stage. The members burst into tears that they had endured, and among them, Woozi and Wonwoo sobbed to the point where it was difficult to continue even after the song was over. Mingyu was surprised, saying, "It's been a long time since I've had an event like this," and Dino also certified that it was an event that he had never expected, saying, "It's been a long time since 13 people were so emotional together.

Ahead of the encore stage, SEVENTEEN expressed their feelings after the fan meeting. Mingyu expressed his love for fans, saying, "I will do my best no matter what you do at any time and time," and Woozi, who shed a lot of tears, said, "Isn't it obvious that there are pictures with family handwriting at the fan meeting?" "But it's not obvious to us," he thanked his fans.

Jun said, "I hope everyone, including our CARAT and the members, will be happy. "I hope the members have their own hobbies," Joshua said, adding, "The members, CARATs, and their parents are so precious to us." The reason why we can show such a weak side is because we trust and rely on CARATs. "Thank you for giving me a lot of strength and thank you for making precious memories today," he said.

S.Coups reported that the members had a hard time with personal things last year, and said, "Wonwoo's father wrote in the letter, 'Just do 20 more years,' and Wonwoo's father said a lot of good things like our leader." Then shouldn't we follow it? The members and I will protect SEVENTEEN well. I look forward to your kind cooperation this year. Thank you," he said.

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