The group NCT DREAM (NCT Dream, SM Entertainment) also successfully completed its concert in Thailand.

"THE DREAM SHOW2: In A DREAM" – in BANGKOK" (The Dream Show 2: In A Dream) held at Impact Arena in Thailand from the 10th to the 12th was a solo concert in Thailand for the first time in three years and three months, and all 35,000 seats were sold out, showing explosive popularity.

In this concert, NCT DREAM will be able to enjoy a variety of performances, including hit songs such as "Candy," "Buffering," "Beatbox," "Taste," and "Hello Future," as well as refreshing energy such as "My First Love," "Countdown," "Stronger," and "Quiet Down."

In addition, the audience gave enthusiastic cheers and cheers by coloring the concert hall beautifully with fluorescent light-green fan lights, singing along to the song, and delivering their hearts to the members through light box events that make large letters such as "YO DREAM," "NCTzen 7 Dream," and "7 Shining Stars."

At the end of the performance, NCT DREAM said, "It was a happier performance because we met Thai fans after a long time, and they cheered passionately and enjoyed together." The generous cheers you sent for three days became our driving force. "Thank you for making good memories," he said.

In addition, at the press conference held before the start of the concert on the 11th, major media such as Thai public broadcasters Channel 3, Channel 7 and Channel 9, as well as daily newspapers such as Thai Rath, Daily News, TrueID, and Sanook attended to check NCT DREAM's world tour and NCT DREAM's popularity.

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