Group LESSERAFIM Heo Yoon-jin presents his own song for fans.

Heo Yoon-jin posted a teaser video of her self-composed song "Love You Twice" on the team's official YouTube channel today (March 13).

The video, produced in the form of an animation, features "HER," a person who spends a colorful daily life, and a relatively shabby-looking main character.

The teaser ended in a scene where the main character, who was struggling to catch up with "HER," looked up and seemed to have found something, stimulating curiosity about the story to be contained in the music video.

In addition, at the end of the video, the lyrics of "Even if the snowflakes melt, you will bloom" and the warm melody of the acoustic guitar caught the ears.

The teaser video and music video for "Love You Twice" were completed in collaboration with famous animator and YouTube creator Ram Daram.

"Love You Twice" is Heo Yoon-jin's third self-composed song after "Raise your_our glass," which was released last year to commemorate the 100th day of LESSERAFIM's debut, and "I̸DDOLL" released in January this year.

The song will be released at 1 p.m. on the 14th, and the music video will be released on the LESSERAFIM official YouTube channel at the same time.

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