EXO Kai's solo album "Rover" was released today (13th).

Kai's album contains a total of six songs, including the title track "Rover," and you can see his upgraded music and performance.

<Hereinafter, Kai's media interview on 'Rover'>

Q1. It's been a year and four months since I made a solo comeback. How do you feel about the release of your third mini album, "Rover"?

- The first thing I feel is that I'm so excited and happy. The fact that it's already my third solo album is very meaningful to me. The emotions I felt while preparing for the album have been different every time, especially when preparing for this album, happiness and joy were greater than worries and worries. I think those emotions are included in the album. I hope the people who listen to this album can enjoy that feeling as well.

Q2. Please introduce this album. What's the title song, "Rover"?

- This album contains six songs with various moods, including the genre of music that I'm trying for the first time. The title song "Rover" is an exotic dance song, and the lyrics about becoming a free "wanderer" without caring about people's eyes are attractive. If you listen to it, you'll remember the catchy melody and repeated lyrics.

Q3. What was your first impression of the title song "Rover" and why did you choose it as the title song?

- The moment I first heard it, I liked it and decided on it. At the same time, I thought a lot about how to add my own color, and as it was a song that I cherish, that kind of concern came to me happily. I think it's a thankful song that made me grow and strengthen even during the preparation process.

Q4. Each song has a different concept. After the restrained sexy "Mmmh" and sweet vibe "Peaches", what kind of concept can we meet in "Rover"?

- I think "Rover" will give you a strong yet cool feeling. Maybe it's sexy.(laughs) I always like new and fun attempts, so the three songs, "Rover," "Mmmh," and "Peaches," have nothing in common. I want to continue to show you various sides of me.

Q5. What's the key point of the choreography for the title song, "Rover"?

- Before the chorus part, you'll be able to see the movement as if you're starting the engine. The highlight of the song and the performance are also the highlights of the song, and if you look at the moves made to the exciting rhythm, you will be able to feel the pleasure.

Q6. Teaser contents related to Kai's superpower 'Teleport' were also hot topics. If you could be a wanderer at this moment, where would you most like to teleport? Please tell me the reason as well.

- I want to go next to the fans!Last year was the 10th anniversary of EXO's debut, and I think the fans have been with me for more than 10 years. The fans watched me grow for a long time. At least once, I teleport and see them in person. I want to talk about how I've grown up, what kind of person I remember, and what kind of memories I have.

Q7. You can't leave out fashion when it comes to KAI. I wonder what was your favorite styling while preparing for this album and if you came up with your own ideas.

- There were several styles that came to mind right after hearing the words "Rover" and "Wanderer," and one of them was a "biker" that moved freely on the road. I wanted to show you a cool and free-spirited look, so I gave a point with a racing leather jacket outfit, which I like the most.

Q8. The "FILM : KAI" video with performance highlights for each song will also be released later. What's your favorite choreography?

- Since I'm serious about dancing...I liked all the choreography. Especially, "Bomba" is a song that I thought about as a candidate for the title song of "Peaches". I haven't tried the choreography and vibe of "Bomba" before, so I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Q9. What was the reaction of EXO members who listened to this album in advance?

- Everyone liked it. I heard that it suits me well and the performance is great.Not only the members, but my friends around me really liked it. Soon! I hope the fans who will listen to the album will like it.

Q10. Please say a word to the fans who cheer for you whenever and wherever you are.

- I've already become a singer who released three solo albums, and it's all thanks to you. I will become a singer who can confidently say that I love you to the fans who have been the driving force of all activities. Thank you always and I love you.

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