Girl group CRAXY announced a spectacular transformation.

CRAXY (Wooa, Chaei, Karin, Hyejin, Suan) released all the first concept images of its fourth mini-album "XX" on its official SNS on the 12th.

CRAXY in the image showed a different side by perfectly digesting colorful styling. The members gave a brilliant visual synergy with colorful accessories, confident poses, and unique attire.

The individual concept image released together is attracting attention with the charm of differentiated members. CRAXY stared at the camera with a black background and showed charismatic eye acting, creating a luxurious yet chic atmosphere, raising fans' curiosity.

On the 10th, CRAXY drew attention by releasing a concept sketch video with a unique atmosphere, including an empty audition hall and negative words flowing out in an anonymous voice.

The video foretells a new concept album through various objects reminiscent of the title song "NUGUDOM," CRAXY on stage, and scenes featuring five children cheering from the audience. As a result, music fans' expectations for a comeback are also rising.

"XX" is a new scene released by CRAXY in a new way, leaving the existing worldview behind. CRAXY plans to use the new term "NUGUDOM," which means "never heard of it," as the song name to convey the message of "we go our way" to those who mock someone who is still unknown.

CRAXY, which will take a step forward from its existing appearance and prove its musical growth with a wide spectrum, is expected to continue its enthusiasm for release by introducing various contents in the future.

CRAXY's fourth mini-album "XX" will be released on various online music sites at noon on the 23rd.

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