If you want to see the power of BoA (37, Kwon Boa) as a singer, you can go to the concert.

BoA is not the only singer who celebrates the 23rd anniversary of her debut, but it is true that there are few performers who are as good as BoA in transforming the stage into a history of memories and records.

BoA's condition was not at her best at the concert "BoA 20th Anniversary Live – THE BoA: Musicality" held at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park in Seoul on the afternoon of the 12th. This is because the severe cold, which he has been suffering for a month, has not disappeared.

BoA's potential stood out here. Following the previous day, seven songs from the first song "Breathe" to "My Name" were played continuously, but the fandom "Jumping BoA" did not notice that she was not in good condition. He also played the electric guitar himself on the stage of "Foggave Me."

In the case of stages that require high-level choreography such as "My Name," "Better," and "Woman," they showed off their flexibility by clarifying their power control. Songs that require singing skills like "merry-chri" inevitably make a nasal sound, but they skillfully passed it through breathing control, which was admired as well as BoA.

Throughout the performance, the voice was not even pressed by the powerful band sound. It's just the craftsmanship of a craftsman. It made me nod why the title of the concert is "Musicality," which means musicality.

It's possible because it's a state where you can keep your mind open about the concert. Rather than pushing the stage as planned, do not lose your pace flexibly no matter what happens. I don't affirm or deny the environment and watch dramas that make me realize that there is always a balance in life, and I write them in concerts like this.

It is also a fact that we realized through the COVID-19 pandemic. This is why the concert, which was held in three years and five months, became the 20th anniversary, not the 23rd anniversary of its debut.

BoA's 10th full-length album "Better," a masterpiece album released in December 2020, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her debut, and many of BoA's great songs have enabled her to withstand the Corona-like crisis.

Mega hits such as "No. 1", "Valenti", "Atlantis Princess", "Girls On Top" and "Hurricane Venus". This is because the stories of these songs met with the stories that Jumping BoA had when she was listening to them and decorated her youth.

This is why Jumping BoA was able to unfold a placard at the end of the performance that read, "Thank you for being my youth, congratulations on your new 20th birthday." "I'm so proud that I'm making a page in someone's youth." BoA responded like this. Meeting BoA is also a confirmation that "Youth is always well."

In that way, Boa practices not to give up her youth. The driving force behind starting youth anew is always to reform yourself.

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