The group NATURE announced its comeback with a stronger addiction.

NATURE appeared on SBS' "Inkigayo," which aired in the afternoon of the 6th, and released the title song "LIMBO! (Come Over)" for the first time on a music show.

On this day, NATURE caught the eye by transforming itself into an unconventional nine-tailed fox visual. Sexy yet girl-crush styling was shown with intense makeup that reveals each member's individuality.

Adding NATURE's own color, the members who became Gumiho announced their comeback with a high-quality stage.

Nature, who received favorable reviews from global fans by performing signature choreography based on traditional African Zawli dance in her previous work "RICA RICA," caught the eye at once by making a comeback with more conceptual music and addictive performances.

In particular, the limbo point choreography, which seems to be bending back and passing through the actual limbo, the hair-shaking dance, and the strong gesture reminiscent of the claws of a nine-tailed fox caused strong addiction.

NATURE's third mini-album "NATURE WORLD: CODE W" is a new album released 10 months after the special album "RICA RICA" released in January.

In particular, it is the series of its third single album "NATURE WORLD: CODE M" released in 2020 and has continued to be the first mini-album in three years since its second mini-album "NATURE WORLD: CODE A" released in 2019.

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