BTS has been selected as the artist who has topped the U.S. Billboard's main single chart "Hot 100" in the past 10 years.

Billboard ranked BTS as the artist with the most number of No. 1 songs, beating Drake and Ariana Grande, with six songs at the top of the "Hot 100."

The six songs that topped "Hot 100" are remix versions of Dynamite and Savage Love, Life Goes On, Butter, Permission to Dance, and My Universe.

BTS is a pop icon of the 21st century that Korea gave birth to.

The group BTS (BTS) has been recorded as the artist who has topped the Billboard main single chart "Hot 100" over the past decade on Billboard.

BTS has topped "Hot 100" with six songs over a decade. It was followed by Drake (5 songs), Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift (4 songs each), Justin Bieber and Nicky Minaj (3 songs each).

BTS also topped the list of "Hot 100" (September 5, 2020) for the first time as a Korean singer with "Dynamite" (3rd episode), and also topped the remix version of "Savage Love" (1 episode) and "Life Goes On" (1 episode) in the same year. In 2021, "Butter" (10 times), "Permission to Dance" (1 time), and "My Universe" (1 time), a cold play collaboration song, BTS topped the "Hot 100" 17 times with six songs.

The Billboard charts are also steady. The anthology album "Prof" ranked 52nd on the main album chart "Billboard 200" on the latest chart (November 5), charting in for 20 consecutive weeks. It ranked third in "World Album", 24th in "Top Current Album Sales", and 28th in "Top Album Sales".

In "Global 200, Jungkook and Charlie Puth's collaboration song "Left and Light" ranked 78th and "Dynamite" ranked 175th. In "Global (excluding the U.S.), "Left and Light" ranked 73rd, "Dynamite" ranked 128th, "My Universe" ranked 134th, and "Butter" ranked 176th.

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