JYP Entertainment's boy band Xdinary Heroes (XH) will make a comeback on November 4.

Xdinary heroes The name of the new album on the official channel sns to break the news release and a sneak preview image. According to the xdinary heroes ‘overload’ (overload) the November 4, second mini album is coming.

In addition, xdinary heroes the official name of the fandom ‘villains’ (billeonjeu) incident drew attention as it announced. The name of the fandom ‘If there's no billeon Hero exists a symbiotic relationship essential for each other as if there is no significance’ means it.

Like the hero always appear anywhere where billeon xdinary heroes and that fans are always accompanied by messages.

Musical potential, with powerful performance, a special view of the world xdinary heroes jyp of the artist labels studio j the ‘band's pop k’ six years and three in six years and three months, day launching new band.

The United States from Berklee College of Music, drummer and leader, Geonil keyboardist, spearheaded by the integer and o de, guitarist Gaon, the bassists, according to six members of rich playing and singing.

The first mini-album "Hello, world!" released in July this year solved the process of six members who lived their lives taking their first steps in the unknown space "♭form" and gathering together, just like the album name, which means the first step in learning a programming language.

Z generation new boy band to show through the new album through the strong appeal of another expectation and attention to energy.

On the other hand, ‘- Band generation k z’ xdinary heroes the November 4 mini second album (midnight Eastern Time, standards, the United States), 1 p.m ‘overload’ had been released and spur more their global performance.

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