Girl group Lapillus will start full-fledged overseas activities with a Philippine promotion.

Lapillus (Shanti, Shana, Yue, Bessi, Seowon, and Ha-eun) will leave for the Philippines through Incheon International Airport on the 3rd to host their first overseas promotion since their debut.

Lapillus arrives in Manila, the Philippines, and conducts various schedules such as media conferences, interviews, and fan meetings. In particular, it will definitely make a mark through interviews with leading local broadcasters such as "ABS-CBN" and TV programs.

In addition, Lapillus is known to appear as a guest on the popular Filipino entertainment show "SHOWTIME," drawing much attention. Fans are paying keen attention to Raphilus' performance across various local media.

Lapillus, which boasts high popularity not only in Korea but also abroad, announced a high-speed comeback with its mini-album "GRATATA" on the 22nd.

Rapilus is a six-member multinational girl group from MLD Entertainment, which debuted on June 20, 2022.

The team name "Lapillus" is Latin for "jewel that changes color depending on the direction of light." It means to convey the message "Shine your Lapillus" to the world.

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