Mixed group KARD finished its North American tour.

Starting with Washington D.C. on the 10th (local time), KARD toured a total of 11 cities in the U.S. starting with Brooklyn on the 12th, Atlanta on the 14th, Chicago on the 16th, Minneapolis on the 18th, Seattle on the 22nd, San Jose on the 24th, Los Angeles on the 28th, Dallas on September 1st, and Houston.

KARD expressed his feelings of happiness and regret at his last performance in Houston, Texas, on the 1st.

Jeon So-min said, "It was like a dream to start the tour, but I can't believe that time has passed like this, and I was grateful that many hidden cards waited for us." I was happy to meet you, and I will cherish the love and support you sent me from afar, he said. "I will prepare hard for the next album so that I can fill your playlist." I'm truly grateful and I'll be an artist who can play good music for you," he said.

Jeon Ji-woo said, "It's a shame that the performance is over, but I'm happy to finish it happily. Please keep remembering the precious memories we shared at home. I am grateful to the audience.

J.seph also said, "When I was in the military, I was really desperate for this tour. I've only been imagining the tour in my head when it will be, but the imagination has become a reality today," he said adding, "I think the view in front of me is more beautiful than I imagined." "We'll be back with another album, so please look forward to it."

BM said, "This tour felt really unrealistic. I was so lucky to meet everyone through this tour. I think my fans are always a great motivation for me," he said, expressing his gratitude to fans.

For KARD, the North American tour is special. This is because "Oh NaNa," which was released as a pre-debut song in 2016, caused a hot sensation in North America. KARD has unusually conducted a North American tour even before its official debut in 2017.

KARD released its fifth mini album "Re:" in June and entered iTunes album charts in a total of 16 countries, including Mexico, Spain, and the United States. It also ranked fourth on YouTube Trending Worldwide with the music video for the title song "Ring The Alarm."

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