BTS V has surpassed 9.5 million followers on the world's largest music platform Spotify, shining his presence as a solo artist.

V surpassed 9.5 million Spotify Page followers on Sept. 16. As of September 20, the number has reached 9,567,200.

A total of 1,181 K-pop artists are registered in Spotify, including groups and solo artists. As a solo artist, V ranks third after BTS members J-Hope and RM, and sixth in the overall rankings, including groups and solo, showing off his strongest music power.

V has also recorded a high increase in Spotify followers since releasing the main OST "Christmas Tree" on Christmas Eve last year. From January to August 2022, V recorded the largest increase in followers among solo artists every month.

There are three songs registered on V's Spotify page: the drama Hwarang OST "It's You Even If I Die," the self-composed Itaewon Class OST "Sweet Night," and the OST "Christmas Tree" of "That Year We Are." Currently, the streaming of three songs on V's Spotify page is surpassing 545.35 million.

Although there is no personal album or mixtape released yet, he has many followers with only three songs, proving the hot love of loyal fans who love V's music world.

He has shown outstanding talent in writing lyrics and composing while writing the melody line for the song "Hold Me" from BTS's album "Hwayang Yeonhwa" in 2015. He said that he is studying composing hard to let his fans hear it.

V released "4 o'clock," "Scenery," "Winter Bear," "Snow Flower," and "Sweet Night." It is loved by thick fans for its high-quality music, along with the evaluation that it is building a unique music world with beautiful melodies and lyrical lyrics.

Recently, V is reportedly preparing for his first solo album. In a comment on Weverse Live on the 18th, V announced that he was working until morning. In an interview in the October issue of Vogue, which V decorated the cover, asked, "Do you have a project in mind to reflect your high interest in jazz?" V said, "I've liked jazz since I was a student. "I'm expressing my love and putting it into action, and I'll let you hear it soon," he said, raising fans' expectations.

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