BTS Jin broke a new record every week on the world's largest music search platform Shazam, shining a dazzling presence as a global solo artist.

Jin ranked second on the "week's top 10 artists" chart released on September 16 and has been on the "top 2" list for 15 weeks. As a result, Jin broke his own record as the first and longest K-pop artist.

Jin has been on the chart for 16 weeks at the "Shazam Global Top 10 Artists," where top artists from around the world are fiercely competing, showing unrivaled brand power.

In particular, Jin topped the chart for eight weeks, the first, highest, and longest Korean artist. This is the first and longest milestone for a K-pop artist, and the world's longest record in 2022. BTS, where Jin is active, also topped the chart, setting a new record as the only K-pop artist to top both solo artists and groups.

Jean came in second after No. 1 Chris Brown, matching top artists from around the world, including Lema (@heisrema) and Wonwon Public (@OneRepublic).

Jin's "Yours" surpassed 9.5 million Shazam as of September 16, breaking its own new record of the first, highest, and highest in Shazam K-pop history.

Jin's "Yours," which topped the Shazam Global TOP200 chart for 78 days, still ranked second as of the 16th, showing the power of top solo artists by charting "Top 2" for 115 consecutive days and "Top 10" for 126 consecutive days.

As of September 16, Jin's "Yours" topped the Shazam "Japan TOP 200" chart for 161 consecutive days, topping the list for a total of 194 days. This is the longest consecutive No. 1 record in Shazam history. Four solo songs by Jin, including Moon (Moon), Awake (Awake), and Epiphany (Epiphany), dominated the "Top 4" from 1st to 4th on the chart. As a result, Jin became the first Korean solo artist to chart four solo songs at the same time for 105 consecutive days.

Jin's "Yours," which topped the list for 68 consecutive days, the first and longest K-pop artist in Shazam's "Korea Top 200," topped the list for 109 days as of September 16. From the charts "Epiphany," "Moon," and "Awake," Jin's four solo songs were charted simultaneously for 55 consecutive days, showing strong brand power.

Jin's "Yours" also continued to rank first in Shazam's "Global TOP 200" chart "Film, TV & Stage" for 281 days as of the 16th, showing strong long-run power. In the "K-Pop" category, "Awake," "Epiphany" and "Moon" also proved Jin's overwhelming global power by winning the "Top 10" for 43 consecutive days.

"Yours," which set numerous new records in a big topic at the same time as its release on November 7 last year, is still loved by listeners around the world more than 10 months after its release.

Jin is shining the presence of a top solo artist, surpassing numerous new records without any promotions. Expectations for the next move are increasing as Jin has recently stood out in various fields.

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