BTS Jimin broke a new record in the global popularity vote, shining an irreplaceable presence.

Jimin topped the weekly ranking of K-pop idol popularity voting service app "KDOL" in the third week of September (September 12, 2022 to September 18, 2022), receiving a total of 3,757,948 hearts.

As a result, Jimin has topped the weekly ranking for 104 weeks. Jimin broke his own record, continuing the record for the most number one in the weekly rankings.

In addition, Jimin became the Hall of Fame and showed off his unparalleled global popularity by winning a total of five gold medals, including 658 times daily as of September 20, followed by the cumulative number of votes (6354,298,422 hearts), the most monthly number of votes (21 times), and the longest daily ranking (61 days.

K-Dol is a global K-pop idol popular chart service app that allows users to vote in countries around the world, reflecting 100% of user votes from Korea, the U.S., Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe, allowing users to check the number of votes and rankings in real time, further realizing Jimin's popularity as a K-pop frontman.

Meanwhile, Jimin received 37,874,963 hearts in the October birthday ranking of K-Dol from August 19 to September 16, and a one-month CM advertisement will be held at one subway station in Seoul and the metropolitan area.

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