Director Park Chan-wook's "Decision To Leave" was mentioned in major categories while the U.S. film media IndieWire predicted leading candidates for next year's Academy Awards.

IndieWire selected leading candidates for each category in an article predicting the 2023 Oscars on the 18th (local time). 'Decision To Leave' was mentioned in four major categories.

First of all, Park Chan-wook of "Decision To Leave" was predicted along with "Living" Oliver Hermanus, "Elvis" Vaz Luhrmann, "Triangle of Sadness" Ruben Ostlund, and "Nope" Jordan Peel.

Among them, "Triangle of Sadness" competed once with "Decision To Leave" at the Cannes Film Festival in May. "Triangle of Sadness" won the Palme d'Or, while "Decision To Leave" won the Best Director award (Park Chan-wook).

"Decision To Leave" was also considered a strong candidate for the best male and female lead. Park Hae-il was selected as a possible candidate along with "Elvis" Austin Butler, "Nope" Daniel Culluya, "Living" Bill Nye and "Hustle" Adam Sandler.

Tang Wei was classified as a strong candidate for the Best Actress Award, along with "Corsage" Vicky Creebs, "Nope" Keke Palmer, "Good Luck to You," "Rio Grand" Emma Thompson, and "Everything Everywhere All At Once" Yang A-kyung.

In reality, the most likely is the International Film Awards (formerly the Foreign Language Film Awards). IndieWire predicted that Park Chan-wook's "Decision To Leave" is highly likely to be nominated for "Boss Side of the Blade" by Clare Dennis, Austrian director Marie Roicher, Danish director Ali Abash's "Holly Spider," French director Mia Hansen Rob, Indian SS director Rajamoli's "R: Rise Lower Revolt," and Belgian director Alleta Rocci.

In fact, "Decision To Leave" has been selected as a Korean film entry for the Academy International Feature Film Awards and is aiming for the final nomination. "Parasite" in 2020 is the first time to win this award. Parasite won the International Feature Film Award, as well as the Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay.

Director Park Chan-wook's "Decision To Leave" challenges Oscar mythology once again following "Parasite." When the Oscar race begins in earnest, major candidates are expected to be outlined depending on the size and performance of the campaign.

"Decision To Leave" is a film about a detective "Hae-joon" (Park Hae-il), who investigates a case of death in the mountains, meeting the deceased's wife "Seorae" (Tangway), feeling suspicion and interest at the same time, and has already won the director's award at the Cannes Film Festival.

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