WEi had a successful official debut ceremony in Japan.

WEi completed a meeting with local fans on the 11th with the release of its Japanese debut album "Youth."

WEi, which announced its official debut in Japan with its mini-album "Youth" amid high local interest, has set out to warm up for the "global youth idol" move with a variety of promotions.

First of all, on the 11th, the release date of the album, we had a hot first meeting with local fans through the "WEi Japan 1st Mini Album [Youth] Mini Live & Talk Show" held for the second time at Anex Hall in Yokohama, Pacifico, Japan.

The event was filled with a rich time table for fans who have been looking forward to WEi's official debut in Japan, and Global Rui (Rui, official fandom name) also sincerely cheered and celebrated WEi's debut in Japan and spent a pleasant time with the members.

In addition, WEi has continued to meet with fans with nonstop hard-working activities, hosting events to commemorate its debut in Japan, including face-to-face fan signings, for four days from the 11th to the 14th.

WEi's new album "Youth" is an album that captures the image of youth with WEi's own refreshing energy. Through the title song "Maldives," it unravels the refreshing identity of six youth and presents a brilliant daily life to listeners and viewers.

"Youth" topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart in Japan on the day of its release, opening its successful debut in Japan, and thanks to this, WEi is also showing its strong global influence from the start by breaking another legendary visual and stage as a representative K-POP artist.

The music video for the title song "Maldives" has also been on a steady rise amid the infinite interest of global fans since its release.

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