Wei's refreshing energy worked in Japan, too.

Wei released his Japanese debut album "Youth" on various global music platforms including Korea and Japan at noon on the 11th.

"Youth" is an album that captures the image of youth with Wei's own refreshing energy. It depicts the purity of youth and the brilliant moment they dream of with fresh summer sensibility, presenting a dynamic daily life to those who listen and watch.

The title track "Maldives" is a disco house genre song that depicts the ideal moment of dreaming in a place full of freedom and happiness.

The transparent and clear vocal synergy of the six youth shows magic that makes you forget the frustrating reality, and the fantastic harmony of various musical instrument sessions, ranging from guitar to drum and piano, raises the exciting mood as if you left a beach vacation.

In addition, the song "BYE BYE BYE" (Bye Bye), the title song of "IDENTITY: Action," which was released in June last year and received a lot of love for the hot summer of listeners, and the Japanese adaptation song of the song "16th Star" were also included.

Wei is loved by local fans by expressing his gratitude for his courage and determination to leave to find what he wants to calm down through "BYE BYE (Japanes Ver.)", and "Japanes Ver."

Prior to the official release of the album, the main music video of "Maldives" released through the Japanese official channel is also a hot topic. Wei's Summer Song, which finally took off its veil on this day, is giving a pleasant energy by perfect combination with the six members' summer-like visuals and unique refreshing identity.

In addition, it makes many people forget all the stress of youth who endure their tiring daily lives with their unique lively energy, while stimulating the desire to leave.

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