<The following is a translation of a visiting article by Sports Seoul reporter Kim Min-ji.>

Girl group New Jeans (Minji, Hani, Diel, Haerin, and Hyein) is the biggest harvest K-pop has achieved this year.

New Jeans, the first girl group launched by HYBE label Adore, is pouring out records such as a new record for the first album of girl groups (record sales for a week based on the release date) and No. 1 on the music charts.

New Jeans, produced by Min Hee-jin, CEO of Airdore, a former art director of SM Entertainment, for about two years, attracts attention with a new move that broke the existing K-pop group's promotion and marketing formula.

New Jeans debuted at around midnight on the 22nd of last month with a surprise release of the "Attention" music video on YouTube. Their album, which started pre-sale on the 25th of last month, attracted keen attention from fans by introducing a limited edition version in the form of a round bag.

Not only that, but the pop-up store held in The Hyundai Seoul, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul from the 12th to the 31st of this month is also gaining word of mouth among fans. It was originally scheduled to open on the 11th, but was delayed by one day due to heavy rain damage on the 12th.

The New Jeans pop-up store, which was visited in person on the 14th, was crowded. When I registered at 11:46 a.m., I received the number 582. The waiting team alone reached 502 teams, and the expected waiting time reached about 277 minutes. Newgins posted an on-site reservation deadline notice on its official Twitter account at 2:20 p.m. that day.

Thanks to the reservation waiting system, the pop-up store was not very crowded. The waiting line was divided into photo booth lines and pop-up store entrance lines. Although crowds of men and women of all ages gathered, there were generally many women in their 10s and 20s.

About four and a half hours later, at 4:19 p.m., he entered the pop-up store. As I waited in line for entry, I received a transparent fan with the New Jeans logo.

The pop-up store displays a variety of goods, including clothes, posters, note boards, sticker packs, key rings, and badges. Popular products such as rabbit-shaped grip-toks, door key rings, and iPhone cell phone cases, which symbolize New Jeans, were sold out.

Mini poster sets, note boards, and photo sets placed closest to the entrance are particularly eye-catching. The poster, which features New Jeans with unique yet high-tin-like styling against a dark primary color, reminds me of a poster of a first-generation idol.

The most popular product was the notebook board. It is composed of the faces of five members, stimulating the desire to buy.

Inside the store, solo versions of "Hurt" and behind-the-scenes videos of each member were played from the receiver placed with the goods. The sound quality that seemed to be heard on the phone stimulated the retro sensibility. The CD player, decorated with Newgins' goods stickers, also added to the atmosphere.

Among fans, not only pop-up stores but also photo booths are a big issue. The photo booth, which is placed together in the pop-up store, can take a four-cut image that is popular these days and can be printed directly on the spot. In the photo, the members appear virtually and you can feel like you are actually taking a picture together.

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