TWICE released the music video teaser for its new song "Talk that Talk" with an interesting narrative for the first time and raised expectations for its comeback.

TWICE will release its new mini album "BETWEEN 1&2" (Beatwin One & Two) at 1 p.m. on the 26th (0:00 p.m. Eastern Time). Prior to this, the music video teaser for the title song "Talk that Talk" was first introduced on the official SNS channel at midnight on the 24th, drawing attention from K-pop fans around the world.

The teaser will begin with a mysterious QR code. When Jihyo presses the start button of the game machine, the screen changes as if she is accessing the game, and the nine TWICE members join forces to find a hidden password.

When he arrived at his destination, he conducted a full-fledged search, and finally entered the code into the machine, and a new screen appeared in front of the members, stimulating curiosity about the complete music video.

In addition, the "Talk that Talk" music video teaser once again filled fans' tastes with a kitsch mood and intense charisma that gathered heated reactions at home and abroad among the opening trailers released on the 9th.

The QR code, which appeared at the beginning of the video, raises curiosity about where it will guide viewers, further raising expectations for "TWICE's first comeback in 2022.

The new song "Talk that Talk" combines an exciting beat and an addictive melody with a lovely message, "Tell me everything in your heart!" Composer Lee Woo-min "collapsedone," who made TWICE hit songs such as "KNOCK KNOCK" (Naknak) and "The Feels" (The Fields), was in charge of composing and producing, and famous K-pop lyricist team Danke wrote the lyrics.

The new album "BETWEEN 1&2" was attended by famous composers such as London Noise and Melanie Fontana, and Jihyo, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung participated in the solo lyrics of the album again this time, showing their musical capabilities. TWICE, which heralds the birth of all high-quality albums, is expected to present unforgettable summer memories to global fans.

Meanwhile, TWICE will release its 11th mini album "BETWEEN 1&2" and its title track "Talk that Talk" at 1 p.m. on August 26. On the same afternoon, he will hold a comeback live to celebrate a special day with his fans, and will appear on the popular U.S. music program MTV Fresh Out Live to perform his new song.

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