Group TRI.BE has released its third concept photo of its third single "LEVIOSA."

TRI in the picture.BE drew attention by perfecting unique and sophisticated hip-hop street fashion such as a vivid color crop city jacket, graffiti T-shirt, and blue jeans.

In addition to his superior visuals, he showed off his outspoken girl crush with provocative eyes and confident expressions, amplifying his curiosity toward the retainer.

In addition, Mire and So-eun gave unexpected charm with bold styling that revealed solid abs, while Song-sun and Jia, who gave points with bold accessories, gave intensity with chic eyes that seemed to break through the screen.

Kelly and Hyun Bin gave off free-spirited energy with kitsch and relaxed poses, making fans excited.

TRI.BE's third single "LEVIOSA" will be released at 6 p.m. on the 9th, and will begin its comeback with the title song "KISS."

TRI.BE is a seven-member girl group produced by Sinsa Dongho and LE and Universal Music Group. It is a multinational girl group with four Koreans, two Taiwanese, and one Japanese.

The team name TRI.BE means "perfect being," a combination of "Tri," an abbreviation for "Tri," a symbol of perfection, and "Be," which means existence.

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