On the 11th, general reservations for IU's solo concert tickets were held. The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun, which will be held at Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 17th and 18th of next month, is the first solo concert in three years due to COVID-19.

As IU is gaining so much popularity that she is the first female singer in Korea to enter the main stadium, the ticketing war was even fiercer with not only fan club members but also ordinary visitors. The reservation of 30,000 seats, excluding the pre-sale of the fan club held earlier on the 8th, was sold out in five minutes.

With the spotlight focused from the opening of the reservation, IU's concert later drew attention with another news. The agency EDAM Entertainment said on its official fan cafe, "We applied 'IU's official fan club permanent expulsion and restriction on the use of Melon Ticket ID' to four people who have been confirmed to have continued to access the reservation page."

Prior to the reservation, the agency announced a hard-line response to the so-called "ticket" traded through premium ticket trading sites as well as illegal reservations through macros. In addition to directly detecting fraudulent tickets, it also said that it will provide concert tickets and related products to informants by receiving information on fraudulent ticket transactions.

With the recent resumption of the singers' concerts, ticket reservations among fans who were thirsty for the performance have become a star in the sky. As a result, there are many fans who are unfortunately unable to watch the performance due to fraudulent transactions, as well as fans who are swindled through fraudulent transactions.

IU's determined move seems to be a measure to prevent illegal ticket transactions and damage to visitors who make legitimate reservations.

Many fans are actively participating in this illegal ticket eradication method, calling it the "typical of the secret royal inspector." It is a response that this method will set a good precedent for the future performance culture.

IU has topped the list as a solo singer and producer, showing her musical prowess. He is loved by the public as he always wears the modifier "music queen," and is influential as a "regular role model" of artists.

In addition, IU is a star who continues to do good deeds with steady donations and is praised for her personality.

Until now, donations have been practiced for children, adolescents, and low-income families as well as disasters such as forest fires, floods, and COVID-19 damage. On the 12th, IU also donated 100 million won to recover from the damage caused by the recent torrential rain and for the victims.

As such, IU not only shows great achievements as an artist, but also tries to lead her influence in the right direction. This is why IU is loved as an irreplaceable artist.

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