The comeback new song of the existing K-pop top tier girl group BLACKPINK (BLACKPINK, Jisoo Rose Jenny Lisa) was huge. It was no exaggeration to say that it peaked the tremendous growth of the K-pop scene as much as the all-time production cost was invested.

Of course, expectations are growing in that "Pink Venom" is expected to be the beginning of the peak of BLACKPINK's career.

BLACKPINK's 2nd full-length album "Pink Venom", released on the 19th, is a hip-hop number that shows off BLACKPINK's charisma. Immediately after its release, "Pink Venom" has topped the Spotify Top Song Global Chart for three consecutive days, topped the iTunes Top Song Chart and the Worldwide Top Song Chart for two consecutive days, won 100 million views (shortest new record) in 29 hours of YouTube music videos, and topped YouTube trending in 90 regions.

The best performance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart is expected right now.

"Pink Venom" is simply a perfect aggregate of the styles shown by YG artists.

Based on the tempo of the authentic hip-hop genre, the head-shaking beat was the center, Jenny Lisa's rap part and Rosé's vocal part were distributed exactly, and solo shots in the music video were also focused on maximizing each member's charm. On top of that, the group dance of the members gathered together after a long time also showed the BLACKPINK style.

Jenny's solo part, which appeared with the sound intro of a traditional Korean instrument behind her, was a strong start. The red see-through silk costume focused on oriental charm, and the slim yet voluminous dance line doubled the sexiness. Lisa, who appeared next, also completed her charisma with an outfit reminiscent of a female warrior.

Jenny Lisa reappeared as a duet after the chorus of the first verse, drawing a lot of immersion with her impressive boom bap-style rap part. I think it's the most important killing verse of "Pink Venom".

Jenny and Lisa's rhythmical rhyme is very impressive. I was able to feel the real value of Jenny's rap skills, which I saw briefly on my previous solo album and Blackpink team album.

Rose and Jisoo showed off their charms with dark yet elegant images. Rose, who once showed off her own visual style with her solo album, showed off her presence as a wannabe with her unique eyes and beauty, and Ji-Soo, who was in charge of another pillar of BLACKPINK's visual, also added a sharp and sharp look by capturing the atmosphere in contrast to Rosé.

The fact that "Pink Venom" is the beginning of BLACKPINK's comeback activities will be one of the happiest moments for fans.

Starting with "Pink Venom," Black Pink will peak its comeback with a full-length album in September, starting with Seoul from October to June next year, 12 cities in the Americas, including Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, London, Barcelona, Cologne, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, and 12 Asian cities.

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