Imagine you haven't traveled to Corona for two years, and you bought a ticket to Hawaii to escape the heat. The person sitting next to you cough violently as you get on the plane and are lost in the idea of a vacation at Waikiki Beach.

Soon after, a strange rash occurs in the body, and eventually, he vomits blood and dies. And soon, more passengers show the same symptoms. What choice would you make in a plane with an unidentified virus spread, and in an extreme situation where you can't get off?

The expected summer film "Emergency Declaration," which is about the virus attack on a plane in the sky, will be released on August 3. Director Han Jae-rim, who directed "Physiognomy" with a work that looks into altruism and selfishness revealed in humans exposed to the big crisis of virus infection, is drawing attention with star actors such as Song Kang-ho, Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Byung-hun, and Kim Nam-gil.

"Emergency Declaration," which is also the title of the movie, is an aviation term that refers to an emergency in which an aircraft facing a disaster situation is no longer able to operate normally and requests an unconditional landing.

The movie begins by explaining the meaning of the term. Jin-seok (played by Im Si-wan) in a clean suit will then appear on the screen. Standing in front of an airline counter at the airport, he suddenly asks for a plane that is crowded with people because it doesn't matter where it is. When an employee who felt suspicious revealed that it was information that could not be told, he soon reacted nervously and left.

At the same time, those who decided to go to Hawaii for different purposes gather at the airport one after another. "Jae-hyuk" (played by Lee Byung-hun), who has a fear of flying, arrives at the airport for the purpose of safe transportation of passengers, while "Hyun-soo" (played by Kim Nam-gil) and "Hee-jin) (played by Kim So-jin), the deputy captain of the KI501 flight to Honolulu, will also design a second life.

The wife of veteran detective In-ho (Song Kang-ho) also prepares to leave the country by using airport duty-free shops with her friends instead of her husband, who canceled his trip due to busy work.

In-ho, who went to work at the police station listening to his wife's criticism, will be in charge of investigating a video clip of a suspected plane terror attack. Feeling suspicious due to the detective's intuition, he finds an apartment where the video is believed to have been filmed and visits the house of the person who posted the video after questioning. After confirming that the door was open, he sneaks inside and finds a terrible scene.

The owner of the crime scene home, Jin-seok, was on a KI501 flight to Hawaii, which had already taken off at that time. He had a small argument with Jae-hyuk before purchasing the ticket, and decided to go to Hawaii, where he was going. In-ho headed to the immigration office to find Jin-seok's plane, hoping that his wife would not only get on the plane to Hawaii, but contrary to expectations, his wife was also on the same plane as Jin-seok.

Jin-seok reveals his true colors when the plane is able to reach safety altitude and untie the belt. And the plane soon becomes a mess. Since then, a task force has been set up on the ground, led by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Sook-hee (Jeon Do-yeon) and Director of the Blue House Crisis Management Center, Tae-soo (Park Joon), but the situation is on the verge of worsening and spreading to international disputes.

This work boldly ruled out negotiations with terrorists, which are basically featured in crime on airplanes, and the main character's activities to catch terrorists, which come fresh.

In addition, in order to vividly reproduce the events taking place on board, the actual aircraft was implemented as a set of super-large planes that rotate 360 degrees by airlift, raising the sense of reality. In the scene where the plane flipped 360 degrees and crashed, the tension was maximized by expressing weightlessness in three dimensions.

In addition, this work examines the human instinct at the crossroads of life and death through various characters. Just as Europe was widely divided over the issue of accepting refugees, human altruism and selfishness clash greatly when disasters or events with large social repercussions occur in reality.

The movie reflects the psychology of people in reality and makes them think about what is right. However, it is regrettable that it is too much to resolve this conflict and it is somewhat stretched toward the second half.

The ultra-luxury cast members, including Song Kang-ho, Jeon Do-yeon, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Nam-gil, Kim So-jin, Im Si-wan, and Park Hae-joon, each show their characters' situations and positions, increasing their immersion.

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