The group THE BOYZ will present the refreshing, sexy, and fantasy of THE BOYZ's new song "WHISPER" this summer.

THE BOYZ will release their seventh mini album "BE AWARE" including the title song "Whispers" on major online music sites at 6 p.m. on the 16th.

THE BOYZ's 7th mini-album "Bearware" is a scene that talks about the waves of emotions that unfold as boys face forbidden love. Along with the participation of famous global producers such as Willie Weeks and Kyler Niko, many of the members will participate in the songwriting, showing a wider music spectrum.

On top of that, K-pop fans will once again tap the hearts of K-pop fans with music and performances that contain the same "boy" color as THE BOYZ's identity.

THE BOYZ's new activity song "WHISPER" is a track that expresses the moment when dopamine blooms, fascinated by the thrilling whisper, and you can feel THE BOYZ's unique energetic mood. In addition to the title songs, the new album also includes a variety of genres such as "Bump & Love," "C.O.D.E," "Levitating," "Survive The Night" and "Timeless."

THE BOYZ, which became the first sales "Half Million Seller" with its sixth mini album "THRILL-ING" last year, has been breaking the team's own best performance by sweeping the top spot on terrestrial music broadcasts until its third single "MAVERICK" released in a row.

In addition, it is proving overwhelming growth by mobilizing a total of 24,000 people through the first world tour "THE BOYZ WORLD TOUR: THE B-ZONE" Seoul encore concert at KSPO DOME (Olympic Gymnastics Stadium) on the 5th to 7th.

THE BOYZ, which has continued to break the record overwhelmingly for the past year, is expected to continue its relentless run in the second half of the year through its new mini-album "Beareware" in the summer of 2022.

As it is a new album to be announced after the completion of the world tour, THE BOYZ members introduced their new album "Beerware" through a question and answer regarding the activity, which is drawing more attention from global fans than ever.

Q. It's the first comeback in about nine months. Since it's been a while since you made a comeback, how do you feel?

Sangyeon: I'm excited and excited because it's our first world tour, The B Zone's long tour and our Seoul encore concert, and it's our first comeback in about 9 months since Maverick. It's been a while since I've seen you with an album, and I'm so excited to think that I'm meeting and communicating with The B in person. I hope you like this album a lot.

Q. It heralded the transformation of THE BOYZ, which has been further upgraded through various teasing contents such as 2022 trailers and concept photos. What did you want to show us through this album?

Jacob: From the trailer video to the album, where you can check out the overall concept of 2022 by THE BOYZ, we tried to show you various sides and growth for THE B who waited for a long time. Through this album and the title track "WHISPER", I want to remind you what THE BOYZ's refreshing, sexy, and fantasy are.

Q. What kind of album is your 7th mini album "BE AWARE"?

YH: I think it's an album where you can feel more diverse sides of THE BOYZ. We've recorded each and every song, so please show us a lot of interest and love. Our members also participated a lot in this album. "Timeless" is a song that THE BOYZ wrote only for THE B, so please listen to it.

Q. What kind of song is "WHISPER"? What's your charm and point of focus?

Currently: The title track 'Whisper' is a song where you can feel THE BOYZ's special energy. It has a unique storytelling that expresses the moment when dopamine blooms because it is fascinated by the thrilling whisper. As the lyrics express the moment are impressive, I think it would be good to focus and enjoy it together.

I think it's even more special because I think it's a song that has both refreshing and sexy performance and charm.

Q. What's the killing part or point choreography of your new song "WHISPER"?

Since the title of the song is "Whisper," there are two dance points that seem to be whispering in the ear and listening to someone's whisper. Personally, I think Q's part in Verse.1 is the killing part. Please look forward to our performance.

Q. On August 5th to 7th, it marked the finale of the first world tour "The B Zone," which was held for about three months at "KSPO DOME." Since it's been a while since you met your fans, what was the most memorable moment?

Kevin: I was very surprised by your enthusiastic response to the Seoul encore concert. We haven't met our fans for a long time, but since it was our first time seeing THE BOYZ, our excitement was the same for our fans and members.

I was touched when I heard you sing along with Korean lyrics overseas. In Seoul, they sent endless cheers and energy. Especially, I will never forget the encore performance of "Giddy Up" that I ran with.

It was a fun three-month tour, I learned a lot, and I hope there will be more days to sing together. Thanks to a lot of support, I was able to finish the tour well, so I feel half relieved and half disappointed.

Q. Prior to the release of the new album, the album and fan song "Timeless" were pre-released on the concert stage. How do you feel about participating in the lyrics and how satisfied you are with the results?

NEW: I think it's a good song because I only write it thinking about my fans. Maybe that's why I'm very satisfied with this song. It's what I wanted to say to The B, so I hope you listen to it a lot and feel it together.

Q. Many of the members participated in writing all the songs in this album. What was the most memorable episode while working on the song?

Sunwoo: I think I wrote all the songs for my fans when I was working on this album. Among the new songs, "Survive The Night" is the lyrics that I wrote with that emotion without meeting fans often in the aftermath of COVID-19. Even when I had to work on my busy schedule, I was able to work on it easily because I expressed my feelings for the fans.

Q. Is there a goal you want to achieve through this album promotion?

Sunwoo: I think I'll be the happiest if The B is satisfied, and I think that's the best outcome. To pick an additional goal, I hope that THE BOYZ and THE B will have a chance to celebrate and enjoy the joy of winning first place on a music show.

Q. Lastly, please say a word to The B all over the world who always support and cherish you.

Ju Haknyeon: Thank you so much to everyone who always supports THE BOYZ. This album is like a gift for those who have been supporting and loving us. I hope you like the new songs that will be included in "Bearware" and I ask for your support.

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