Singer CL heated up the stage of "SUMMER SONIC 2022," a large Japanese music festival.

CL, which was on the sonic stages in Osaka and Tokyo on the 20th and 21st, captivated local audiences with explosive live performances.

CL, which has been on the "Summer Sonic" stage again for the first time in five years since 2017, announced its start with "SPICY" released last year.

He then performed a new remix of "HWA" and "Bad Girl," and left a strong impression on various stages, ranging from "5Star," "Chuck," "Doctor Pepper," "Tie A Cherry," "Lover Like Me," "Mental breakdown" and "Hello Bitches."

The audience at the concert hall perfectly copied not only the existing hits but also the chorus of the new songs, creating a spectacular view as if they were watching CL's solo concert.

CL, which has been performing intense live performances at festivals in the U.S. and Europe in the first half of this year, has recently continued its energetic stage in Korea by facing the audience in person.

After "Summer Sonic," he will appear on domestic and foreign festival stages such as "S20 SONGKRAN" in Taipei on the 27th, "RAPBEAT 2022" in Seoul on September 3, "GOOD VIBES" in Selangor, Malaysia on September 23, and "WE THE FEST" in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 24.

CL is a South Korean singer and rapper. He has featured on the music and stage of YG Entertainment artists since 2007, and made his official debut as a member of 2NE1 in 2009.

Her real name is Lee Chae-rin and her English name is Faith Lee. The stage name is derived from the initials of the name and has a meaning from the French word "ciel." During the 2NE1 promotion, his personal microphone color was gold, and he changed it to silver while preparing for his solo album in the United States.

In November 2014, he signed with SB Projects of Scooter Brown and released his first American debut single "LIFTED" on August 19, 2016, after about two years of preparation.

On November 8, 2019, he left YG Entertainment due to the expiration of his contract. Since then, he has formed a team called "Very Cherry" independently without joining other agencies, and has signed a partnership management contract with Connect Entertainment for active and smooth domestic activities prior to his first full-length album ALPHA.

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