New Jeans has been on the U.S. Billboard chart for three consecutive weeks.

According to the latest chart released by U.S. music media Billboard on the 23rd (local time), New Jeans (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Haerin, Hyein) was ranked on a total of five charts, including "Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.), "Billboard Global 200," "Heat Secus Album," and "Imaging Artist."

"Attention," the first title track of the New Jeans debut album, ranked 34th in "Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.) The song entered No. 174 on the chart on the 13th and rose to No. 51 next week (on the 20th), followed by No. 34 on the latest chart.

The second title track "Hype Boy" was ranked 36th on the latest "Billboard Global" (excluding the United States). As the third title track "Cookie" charted at 198th, all of the "Triple Title Songs" in New Gins' debut album were included in the "Billboard Global (excluding the U.S.) chart.

In addition, "Attention" was ranked 56th in the "Billboard Global 200" and "Hype Boy" was ranked 59th, up 57 notches from the previous week.

New Jeans' debut album "New Jeans" was ranked ninth on the "Hitschickers" album and 14th on the "World" album. Newgins entered the Emerging Artist chart at No. 49 for emerging musicians who are attracting worldwide attention.

Meanwhile, New Jeans is a new girl group from ADOR led by CEO Min Hee-jin, and with its debut album "New Jeans," it has achieved remarkable results in all fields such as music, music, and music broadcasting.

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