NCT 127  will warm up its comeback with a promotion of "NEO SEOUL"  using the YouTube shorts platform before the release of its fourth full-length album "Running (2 Baddies)"

The "NEO SEOUL"  promotion, which will be held on the NCT 127 YouTube channel until September 3, is expected to give fans a different pleasure by meeting NCT 127's music, various images of members, and hints for a new album.

In addition, at 0 o'clock today (24th), an intro video was released on the NCT 127 YouTube channel to announce the full-fledged start of the "NEO SEOUL" promotion, and it contains NCT 127 in a cool and hip atmosphere, raising questions about the future video.

In addition, as part of the promotion, a fan-participating event "NEO SEOUL CHALLENGE"  will be held, and anyone can participate in the YouTube shorts with the #NeoSeoulChallenge #NCT127Challenge hashtag, which is expected to benefit NCT 127's selected video.

Meanwhile, NCT 127's fourth full-length album "Running (2 Baddies)" will be released on various music sites at 1 p.m. on September 16 and will be released on the same day.

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