MAMAMOO Solar and Moonbyul's unit "MAMAMOO+" (MAMAMOO Plus) raised expectations by signaling the recruit new members.

The agency RBW released a spoiler photo that heralds the single of Solar X Moonbyul unit "MAMAMOO+" on Mamamoo's official SNS at midnight today (24th).

The released photo shows Solar, Moon Byul, and a mysterious figure enjoying Viking rides together. Between Solar and Moonbyul, who are relaxed while reaching for the sky, a person who cannot raise his head appears, drawing attention.

The message '(feat. ?)', which was posted with the spoiler photo, inferred that the person in the picture was an artist who participated in Mamamoo+'s single.

As a result, various figures are being mentioned among fans. This is because fans have high expectations on which characters Solar and Moon Byul will work with.

Earlier, MAMAMOO released a fake documentary called "MAMAMOO, Looking for a New Member," which includes the reason for the formation of its first unit "MAMAMOO+," the selection of a leader, and the story of the birth of the group name.

While a fake documentary is expected to hold an audition for a new member with "MAMAMOO+," it raises questions about who will be the new member behind the veil.

MAMAMOO's first unit, "MAMAMOO+," consisting of Solar and Moonbyul, will release a single on the 30th and make its unit debut.

"MAMAMOO+" is Mamamoo's first unit combination, which is gaining global popularity with music spectrum and concept digestibility regardless of genre, and the two members have proven their various charms and vocal capabilities through solo albums, collaborations, OSTs, musicals, and music entertainment programs.

As the unit name "MAMAMOO+" means to continue activities that have no limitations such as new concepts and music in addition to the existing MAMAMOO, expectations are already high on what kind of musical transformation Solar and Moon Byul will do as unit activities.

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO's first unit "MAMAMOO+" will release its first single through various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 30th.

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