Rookie Kep1er showed his global presence even before his official debut in Japan.

Kep1er (Choi Yu-jin, Xiaoting, Masiro, Kim Chae-hyun, Kim Da-yeon, Hikaru, Huening Bahie, Seo Young-eun, and Kang Ye-seo) will be on the cover of the October issue of the popular Japanese magazine "non-no" to be released on the 20th.

In the pre-released cover before the release, Kep1er revealed a clean and clear visual with black and white styling that emphasized individual charm in detail.

It surprised global fans with its charm that is contrary to the energetic appearance shown through its debut song "WA DA DA (WaDa)" and the title song "Up! (Up)" of its second mini album.

Even before Kep1er's official debut in Japan, Kep1er decorated the cover of a local magazine and properly showed the influence of the "4th Generation 1 Tier." In particular, the company plans to solve various episodes through interviews with Nonno to solve local fans' curiosity.

On the 3rd, Kep1er pre-released the title track "Wing Wing" of his Japanese debut single "FLY-UP" and led to an explosive local response.

He also responded to Kepler's keen interest by opening the first additional performance of "Kep1er Japan Debut Showcase LIVE (Kepler Japan debut showcase live fly-up)."

In addition, Kep1er achieved another career high with its debut song "WA DA DA" on the afternoon of the 10th, surpassing 100 million cumulative plays of Billboard Japan Streaming Songs.

Kep1er, who showed its status early under the spotlight of the Japanese Record Association's "Gold" certification for the shortest time among Korean female idol debut songs, showed off her "global one-pick" look with her unique visuals.

Expectations are high for the performance of Kep1er, who has built up another global move, in Japan. Kep1er is set to make its official debut in Japan with its first single "FLY-UP" on September 7.

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