JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) rookie group NMIX is making a comeback.

NMIXX presented its teaser poster on its official SNS at midnight on August 22.

According to the teaser, NMIX released its second single album "ENTWURF" at 6 p.m. on September 19 and returned to fans.

The seven members of LILY, Hae-won, Seol-yoon, Genie, BAE, Ji-woo, and Gyu-jin made a splendid appearance in the music industry with their strong singing skills and strong charm as well as their special personalities. Expectations are high that it will once again deliver a fresh ripple effect to the music industry with its first comeback album.

On NMIX's Twitter channel, "Never follow a mysterious SNS account" was uploaded, and at the same time, a presence called "XXIWN_official" appeared, raising questions from domestic and foreign fans.

NMIX made its official debut on February 22 this year after releasing its debut single "AD MARE" (Ad Mare) and its title track "O.O." JYP, a famous girl group of girl groups, was expected by K-pop fans even before its debut as the first seven-member girl group in about three years since ITZY, and shone the modifier "7-7 all ace group" consisting of seven vocals, seven dances and seven visual members.

At that time, he recorded 227,399 albums in the first week of sales on the Hanteo Chart, and showed a unique presence by receiving a certificate of Hanteo Chart's initial silver certificate for albums and artists with more than 200,000 sales.

NMIX, a "special rookie" who showed outstanding capabilities and potential, combines the letter "N" meaning now, new, next, and unknown n with the word "MIX," which symbolizes diversity, to mean "the best combination to take responsibility for the new era."

Attention is focusing on how he will grow into a key player in the next generation of K-pop with infinite charm and possibilities like the group name.

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