ITZY's first world tour "CHECKMATE" (YEJI, LIA, RYUJIN, CHAERYEONG, YUNA) marked the end of the Seoul performance at SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park at 5 p.m. on the 7th. The performance was filled with a stage to confirm ITZY's confidence, which has become the fourth-generation representative girl group.

It began on a stage decorated with a huge crown and check words to match the concert's name "Checkmate." ITZY is a rock version of Mafia.He overwhelmed the atmosphere with powerful performances such as "In the morning" and "Sorry Not Sorry." Since then, the opening stage has ended by throwing off the crown that the members were wearing.

Checkmate is the first solo concert and the first world tour to be held. The last performance in Seoul on the 7th was broadcast live online through the Beyond LIVE platform along with offline performances. Ryujin said, "MIDZY (ITZY's fandom name) is good to see yesterday and today." However, there is a more special reason today, he said, watching it live online with the members and greeting fans around the world.

When Lia asked, "How was the performance in the opening?" the audience responded with cheers. Then Yeji said slylyly, "I thought MIDZY would like it."

During her first solo concert, Chaeryeong said, "It was my dream to have a solo concert. It's a stage that all MIDZY would have wanted to see, Ryujin said. "What kind of team ITZY is today, and how far we can go." "I'll show you as a solo concert. (MIDZY) You just have to enjoy it," he said proudly.

The performance consists of ITZY's hit song stage and individual stages featuring each of the five members. ITZY members prepared cover stages of overseas artists as individual stages, showing another possibility.

Among the members, Ryujin was the first to perform solo. Ryujin prepared a cover performance of "Boss B*tch" by Porcelain Cat. Ryujin, who perfectly performed rap and performance, said, "We prepared hard because it was our first solo concert and our first solo stage. I thought it would be nice for everyone to sing along, so I prepared a song with repeated chorus, he said. "Thank you all for enjoying it together."

Following Ryujin, Yuna performed Conan Gray's "Maniac" and Lia performed Taylor Swift's "Red". Yuna, who turned 20 this year, showed her bouncy charm, and Lia, who filled the stage with only vocals, showed her ability as a vocalist.

After finishing her solo performance, Yuna said, "I think I showed you the most like me. I rode a bicycle and flew flowers, he said. "I came with auxiliary wheels from the bicycle store," he added, showing off his cuteness as the youngest. "MIDZY, I sang under the light in front of you. It was a short moment, but I was very happy for three minutes," he said.

Soon after, Chaeryeong, whose turn to perform solo, said, "Oh, my. I wasn't nervous yesterday, but I'm nervous today. You said you're brave if you don't know, but I guess you didn't know anything yesterday. "I will do my best today," he said, expressing his nervousness.

He covered Ariana Grande's "Bloodline" and showed a perfect performance, contrary to concerns. It was a stage where his charm and tone, famous for his feathery dance lines, stood out. Next, Yeji, who prepared Dua Lipa's "Hotter Than Hell" cover stage, dominated the entire stage with powerful vocals, overwhelming the audience.

After finishing all the individual performances, Yuna said, "Yeji was waiting under the stage when she was doing her individual performance. But it's my first time seeing him so happy in 2022. I felt that the power of MIDZY is different," he said in a surprise.

After finishing the performance with "Not Shy," ITZY went backstage, heralding an encore stage.

As we enjoy it together, I think we should say our official ending. We want you to know that we can come out whenever you call us."

ITZY, who changed their costumes to the cheers of fans shouting for an encore, performed "Domino" and "MIDZY" as encore stages. After the encore stage, "You're doing great. Guys, "My youth is you". "ITZY, MIDZY". Let's fly" and other letters written by fans filled the stage's electronic display board.

As the performance ran toward the end, Lia, who was emotional, said, "A lot has happened over the past three years. There were many good and happy things, but there were many difficult moments. Whenever that happened, I think I was able to endure it because MIDZY, our members, and family were all next to me, he said. "I think I thought I was unhappy for a while when I was having a hard time, but seeing MIDZY at the concert hall like this, I'm sorry for thinking about it. I will always think that you trust and support me in a place where I can't see," he said, expressing his emotion.

Yeji, the leader of ITZY, saw the messages from fans and even sang "Domino" and "MIDZY," and it's a contradiction if you show this and say don't cry. But I like contradictions," he joked. For a moment, Yeji could not hide her tears, saying, "I have always dreamed of performing and singing in front of many people as well as concerts. I think I've lived for this moment.

"Thank you for enjoying even the small mistakes," he said. "I love our members so much, and I love MIDZY ridiculously." We can't stand on this stage without MIDZY's support," he said, expressing his gratitude to MIDZY.

Meanwhile, ITZY's first world tour "Checkmate" will be held in eight U.S. regions, including Los Angeles on October 26th, Phoenix on October 29th, Dallas on November 1st, Sugar Land on October 3rd, Atlanta on the 5th, Chicago on the 10th, and New York on the 13th.

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